The Chef

Meet Sean's childhood friend, Jamie Bisioulis, another Northfield native!  From dishwasher to corporate chef, Jamie's worked every position in the kitchen; she even survived the heat under Gordon Ramsey on Season 7's Hell's Kitchen.  She's a big fan of elevated comfort food, bourbon and all things bacon.

Join us for one of our many pop up dinners at Pound & Ounce! Hosted inside Northfield's premier butcher shop, we are a butcher to table establishment with hyper local produce (it's grown from our very own garden)!

Our Venue:

​Hofherr Meat Co.

300 N. Happ Rd

Northfield, IL


The Butcher

Meet Sean Hofherr, Owner/Butcher of Hofherr Meat Company in Northfield, Illinois.  Born and raised in Northfield, Sean comes from a long line of butchers, beginning with a great-great-grandfather who was a village butcher in Germany, continuing to his immigrant great-grandfather who established the OG Hofherr Meat Company. Sean is driven by a single-minded desire to    re-establish the Hofherr name in Chicago's rich stockyard history. Oh, and he's a mean cook too.

The guy who gets sh*t done

Everyone has a Vinny.  You know, that guy who is behind the scenes making sure we function?  That's Vince Rezaei. He manages Hofherr Meat Company, grows some of our produce, and jumps in and works the line every pop up.  If you don't have someone like Vinny in your life, we highly recommend you find one.